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Reducing vulnerabilities of migrant workers pre-departure

Despite significant efforts to strengthen transparency and accountability throughout the migration journey, a range of structural forces continue to drive exploitation of workers. The adoption of ethical practices such as ensuring sufficient pre-departure information, valid and legal documentation, unaltered contracts, and an effective grievance channel to report incidents of exploitation, is expensive and challenging to implement. Fundamentally, the current legacy system which industry stakeholders rely on does not offer cost-effective mechanisms or incentives to enable the rapid adoption of good practices, especially given the lack of operational capacity and resources, pre-departure.



SafeStep is a multi-stakeholder, responsible recruitment platform presented in an intuitive and user-friendly mobile application. 


Our objective is to promote fair, ethical, responsible pathways of migration for overseas recruitment and enhance safe migration for the migrant workers of Bangladesh. 

SafesStep protects migrant workers and helps corporates and governments, by creating a secure and digitally documented relationship between all stakeholders.

Key Features

  • Highly optimised Android mobile application

  • Interactive migrant checklist for documents required as part of working overseas 

  • P2P verification of documents amongst trusted social circle members 

  • Online training portal for skills and education development 

  • Finance management tools to help workers with budgeting of costs vs income 

  • Facebook login for seamless one click account creation

  • Voice recordings to capture informal work contract agreements 

  • Grievance mechanism to raise, escalate and resolve situations of abuse