Our purpose

Message from CEO

Diginex Solutions is committed to creating immediacy and granularity in ESG reporting through blockchain-enabled data infrastructure. Our goal is to help responsible investors allocate capital more effectively and companies more easily demonstrate that they are doing the right thing.


In the last two years, we have been proud to have worked with stakeholders across the ESG spectrum to drive change in transparency standards; from partners in government regulators and civil society, to some of the world’s largest multinational corporations, like The Coca Cola Company. These partnerships have delivered tools which include “IRIS-SAFER”, together with the United Nations, and “eMin” that prevents exploitation of migrant workers in global supply chains.


Our team looks forward to the continued roll out of these projects on a global basis and as a result of this work, we are honoured to be recognised by Microsoft as one of the leading technology start-ups in their ScaleUp Partner Program and to be selected by the World Economic Forum as part of their Global Innovators community. There is great momentum for these initiatives, and we are pleased to be working with an ever-increasing number of multinationals who are looking to adhere to the standards set by the SDGs.   


We have now also launched our latest platform “DiginexESG”, the world’s first blockchain enabled, globally accredited SaaS solution to improve tracking and reporting of ESG data

We believe that blockchain technology has a vital role to play in addressing SDGs. We are focused on ensuring that an immutable, safe and regulated environment is available to enable large scale investment and development of this space.


Please continue to support Diginex Solutions on this journey.



Mark Blick, CEO