“We want technology to reside where it can have the greatest impact in promoting sustainable and ethical practices of corporates and asset managers.”

Mark Blick

Chief Executive Officer

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Mark Blick is CEO at Diginex Solutions, a blockchain enabled ESG data infrastructure platform. We collect, surface and share data amongst a complex ecosystem of stakeholders in a more direct and impactful way. We are launching the first blockchain enabled, globally accredited SaaS solution to improve tracking and reporting of ESG data.

Diginex Solutions partners with ESG-mandated asset managers as well as public and private sectors globally to help design and implement complex blockchain solutions across a wide range of applications. Mark focuses on regulatory and policy frameworks and how blockchain then enables private sector implementation particularly in pre-competitive collaboration around corporate and social governance. Most recently, Mark has been heavily involved in projects focused on combating modern slavery & unfair working practices via distributed ledger technology.