“There are misconceptions of what blockchain is or can do. Our aim is to make latest technologies accessible and apply it to contexts where it can catalyze transformative impact.”

Gray Bridges

Chief Technology Officer

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Technology focused

Gray Bridges is Chief Technology Officer at Diginex Solutions.  With 14 years’ experience in technology, Gray’s career mission is the creation of innovative, user centric technology platforms, that harnesses the power of data to help public and private sector organisations as well as individuals, to make better decisions.

Previously, Gray was Managing Director of Product and Technology at CompareGlobal Group, developing technology to help underserved segments of society access banking products and services across 13 countries in Asia, Europe and Latin America, through brands such as MoneyHero.com.hk.  He also formerly held an number of product leadership roles at Experian, where he spent 9 years developing transformative identity and financial management platforms in the UK and emerging markets, including CreditExpert.co.uk, the UKs No. 1 credit monitoring platform.


He holds a BSc in Business and Information Communications Technology from Nottingham Trent University.