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Modern slavery affects over 40 million people worldwide.

Slavery in supply chains is difficult to detect and track due to a lack of transparency and data. Migrant workers are particularly at-risk of exploitation, as their contracts are frequently substituted, and their benefits withheld.



eMin intends to unite and mobilise the private sector towards a common cause – to disrupt and end modern slavery. 

eMin ensures that digital copies of original employment documents are permanently accessible, preventing against exploitation by contract manipulation, substitution, and confiscation.

Added transparency provided by eMin allows ethical recruiters and suppliers to demonstrate excellence to corporate clients.

Key Features

  • Multi-device SaaS platform – used by corporates, supplier and workers.

  • Tamperproof document sharing - Immutable history of all interactions with sensitive employment documents.

  • Printable blockchain transaction records - Download, share and print document history evidence

  • Real-time, configurable dashboards  - to monitor worker responses and document approvals

  • Configurable workflows – customisable to specific supply chain processes

  • API Integrated -  to key business systems, including Salesforce