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As of now, most companies still rely on heavily manual processes (e.g., e-mails, Microsoft Excel) to collect and report their ESG data. The process is cumbersome and takes tremendous effort. It also weakens the integrity of the data being compiled and reported since many stakeholders have been involved but without any clear audit trail.

Partially due to the cumbersome processes highlighted above, currently investors are only receiving ESG data from their portfolio companies once a year (i.e. annual ESG reports). This data is often already outdated when the report is published.



DiginexESG provides a seamless digital ecosystem for ESG data collection, analysis, and reporting for corporates organisations.

Designed around leading reporting standards such as GRI, DiginexESG allows companies to gather ESG data more efficiently and effectively across their organisation and supply chain

Harnessing the immutable power of blockchain technology, organisation can then design, compile and share reports seamlessly and in real-time with internal and external stakeholders.

Key Features

  • Multi-device SaaS platform

  • Collect data and evidence directly from other internal/external stakeholders

  • Evidentiary data and documentation is logged on blockchain to ensure integrity

  • Mapped to market-standard ESG reporting frameworks, e.g GRI, GIIN IRIS

  • Collaboration tools to invite team members to jointly compile reports

  • Interactive report completion tracker

  • “Oracle” (i.e. internal/external auditor) tools to verify the evidentiary data and documentation

  • Pre-defined reporting templates for ease of reporting

  • API Integrated with key business systems, including Salesforce